• New Years Resolutions for Moms
    Posted in: Family

    Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you vow to eat better? Work out more? Take time for yourself? Be a happier person? Work harder? Get that promotion? I am totally one of those people who makes a list of resolutions that are broken by February, but let’s see if 2017 can be different with […]

  • I Didn’t Plan This
    Posted in: Family

    I sat with an infant on my lap trying to keep a 2 year old quiet and still in a crowded waiting room while¬†exhausted and nauseous. I was almost in tears every time I told my toddler to sit down. (About 100 times, but who’s counting?) People all around were¬†giving me sideways glances as I […]

  • The End of the “Baby” Phase
    Posted in: Family

    When you are in the middle of it you think it will never end. You feel like you can’t go another day without a full night’s sleep. The thought of changing another diaper, or teaching someone to actually use the restroom sends terrors through your spine. The perpetual state of mess from crumbs, toys, milk, […]

  • My Mother’s Day
    Posted in: Family

    Holiday’s never seem to go the way we plan. A few week’s ago I wrote about my Mother’s Day Wishlist, but no one listened. There was no brunch or flowers. Not a massage to be found, but I did get to sleep in until 7am before being greeted with requests for milk. Here’s how we […]

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