Guess That Gadget

Have your kids ever asked, “What’s That?!?!” about some piece of old technology in the house? The Crunchy Crafty Kids have too.

When Crafty Kid Liam was 6 we quizzed him on a series of gadgets to see if he could tell what they were…how do you think he did? Check it out and see!

This video originally aired during episode #02 of Universe Box (now UB Classic) “Retro Tech.” You can see the whole thing here.

And Another Thing!

You may have noticed it’s been pretty quiet around here. Sorry! I have been taking the time to work and build my podcasts, as well as spend time in my kids’ school. I am not sure of the future of CCHC, but please join my Facebook group and consider following my podcasts to find out the latest!

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