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Date Ideas for Busy Parents | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Date Ideas for Busy Parents

In the almost 10 years that my husband and I have been married date nights have never really been our specialty. We didn’t get the honeymoon phase of marriage because 7 months after we got married we were parents (yup, do the math). For a while we were doing pretty good with making monthly or bi-monthly date nights a priority, but lately date nights have started to get few and far between.

Sometimes it feels like we are breaking the bank just to get a sitter for 3 kids, grab dinner and drinks, and then actually DO something. And sometimes we are just too tired from work and parenting to make all of the arrangements to go out or put on something other than our PJs.

Here are some of my favorite types of dates that hubs and I do indulge in.

PJ’s and Popcorn

This might be my favorite date night. After all 3 kiddos are tucked into bed Hubs and I like to make a big pot of popcorn on the stove, put on our comfy PJ’s, and snuggle on the couch. Sometimes we watch a movie and sometimes we struggle to get through a 1/2 hour sitcom, but the point is that we spend some time together. Our current variation on this is bingewatching Lost. We recently cancelled our Lost fancast and have been loving getting through the story at a significantly faster pace than before.

Coffee and Shopping

My husband and are are complete NERDS! We can walk around bookstores for hours…and we have! Before we were married, we used to go to the biggest bookstores we could find and explore all of the floors. Sometimes we would buy stuff, and sometimes we wouldn’t, but it was always so relaxing and peaceful. Afterwards we would hit the nearby coffee shop and talk about, well everything. This is a great time to see what’s going on in your significant other’s head. Walking around window shopping bookstores has started to be taken over by errands to Target, but the fun part is when we do something silly like pick up sample face masks for each other. 

The Lunch Date

Lunch has become our favorite time of the day. We live less than 2 miles from my husband’s office so we see each other probably four days a week during his lunch hour. Occasionally we go out for lunch, but most of the time we just chill out on the couch enjoying a less than gourmet salad or sandwich.

While sometimes I feel overwhelmed when he comes home at lunch because it pulls me out of my work flow, I am typically thrilled. Not everyone is so lucky as to get to spend this bonus hour with their spouse every day. There is nothing more relaxing and recharging than to enjoy an uninterrupted meal and some smooches with the love of your life in the middle of the day.

Local Entertainment

One of the most amazing things about living in Orlando is that we are never short for things to do. We have had date nights to EPCOT during the Food and Wine Festival and Science Night Live at the Orlando Science Center and have a list a mile long of places we want to go to! There are endless tourist trap like events going  on, but Orlando is also a city filled with culture. Theatres, band performances, and festivals of all sorts are going on at any given time.

 What are your Favorite Date Nights?

Are you and your significant other good about keeping a regular date night, or are you sneaking them in where you can? Tell me about your favorite date night in the comments below!


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  1. amyathealthhomeandheart

    You are totally speaking my language here! PJs and popcorn is one of my favorite “dates,” as well. My husband and I also love to spend time roaming around a bookstore with latte in hand. My daughter is only 2, but we often take lunch to my husband’s office to eat with him. And I live in Memphis, which is also a city with no shortage of things to do. Great post and fabulous ideas (if I do say so myself). 🙂

    • Anne Marie D

      That is awesome that you are able to lunch with your husband too!! It is a great way to break up the day for both of you 🙂

  2. Caryn

    We used to make dinner and sit in a different room than usual so it felt like we were in a restaurant!

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