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Kate's First Stitch Fix | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Kate’s First Stitch Fix

Confession: I absolutely detest, with every fiber of my being, clothes shopping.  Throw in the fact that I have three kids under 5, work part time in a bank and have my own Tastefully Simple business, and my hatred of shopping becomes even more profound because I just don’t have the time to try to navigate the double stroller through the cluttered aisles of a department store while attempting to keep my four year old from knocking over all of the racks.  Following the birth of my third child in January, I gleefully chucked all of the maternity clothes out of my closet and came to some pretty stark realizations – everything I owned was maternity, didn’t fit, or was 5+ years old and pretty much not the style I’m looking for (I’m over the college jeans and t-shirt look, thank you).

All these factors made Stitch Fix seem like a perfect fit for me – I could update my wardrobe, hopefully add some interest to it, and not step foot in a store.  Sign me up!  I filled out Stitch Fix’s style profile, gave them links to the “Style” board on my Pinterest, and waited with bated breath for my first Fix.  Here it is, modeled in the true style of my life – at about 11:30 at night when I was half asleep after hosting a Father’s Day cookout and taking my son to the emergency room to get six stitches.  Is it any wonder that the convenience of Stitch Fix won me over??

1 – Liverpool Anita Ponte Pant $78 and 2 – 19 Cooper Blanchette Tie-Neck Peasant Blouse $64

Kate #1

Ohhhhhh these pants… These were the source of great anxiety for me.  I asked my stylist for some fitted pants, because I discovered that I liked the look of leggings with a longer shirt that I rocked throughout my pregnancy… but I was pretty nervous about how I would like the look with my post-baby body.  These were the first item in my Fix that I tried on, and I absolutely adore them!  They fit me like a glove, which I have to admit shocked me a bit – I’ve always had a hard time buying pants, because I’m not very tall but also not very skinny so the proportions are usually off.  These are about three inches too long, so I debated long and hard (and drove my husband insane in the process) about keeping them, especially at $78.  However, in the end I discovered that I could tuck the bottoms of the leg under without anyone being the wise and I just couldn’t part with them given how well they fit.  Kept and worn frequently!

I wanted to love this blouse, I really did.  The color is fantastic, and it’s definitely a look that is outside of my typical comfort zone.  One of my goals in signing up for Stitch Fix is to introduce some new and different looks into my wardrobe, and this was definitely different.  In the end, though, it really reminded me too much of a maternity top because there was just so much fabric and I felt like it gave me no shape whatsoever (which isn’t the look I was going for).  I think I would’ve liked this blouse better if it was a bit more fitted for the sleeves weren’t as voluminous, but as it stands, it went back into the bag.  Returned.

3 – Three Dots Nils Swing Dress $128

Kate #2

Just pulling this out of the paper, I didn’t think I would like this dress at all except for the pretty blue color.  It has a very boxy silhouette and seemed to be a clingy material, which always makes me leery given the areas I want to hide/deemphasize.  However, it was definitely a case of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover!”  Not only is the dress super comfortable, but the full skirt camouflages the, ahem, muffin top.  I also love that it’s casual but very easy to dress up.  I was a little hesitant about the price (it was my most expensive item), but in the end I realized I’d rather spend a little more on something that I like and feel good in. Kept.

4 – Market and Spruce Spensur Striped Jersey Dress $54

Kate #3

This dress inspired pretty much the exact opposite reaction as the Three Dots dress – I pulled it out of the box, loved the look and thought it would look amazing on me (especially since I love grey and black).  Yeah, notsomuch.  The dress was a little too tight, and actually emphasized the baby weight that I’m not too keen to show off – I think that the pattern changing right at my waist was the biggest problem.  I really wanted this dress to work, especially given the price, and had I been keeping the other four items I probably would have kept it (with the 25% discount you get if you keep all five items, it would have actually been cheaper to keep it had I kept the other four).  However, I don’t know how much I really would have chosen to wear it, because I just didn’t feel as good in it as I did the other pieces.  Returned.

5 – Promesa Alexandriea Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt  $58

Kate #4

LOVE TIMES A MILLION.  My stylist put in her note that she loved the maxi style I had pinned on my Pinterest board so she included this skirt, and it was a total home run.  I love that the stripes go in different directions, and I was super excited that it fit me… again, being short I have a hard time finding maxi styles that work (just how tall do clothing manufacturers think people are?!), but with my favorite pair of summer wedges it’s just right!  Kept, and a new go-to favorite.

Overall, I was super impressed with the pieces Stitch Fix sent me – they really nailed my style preferences, pushed me a little out of my comfort zone, and sent me things that fit pretty well.  Getting the box and trying everything on was super fun, and not having to drag three kiddos into a dressing room with me has earned Stitch Fix my undying love and devotion.  I kept 3 of the 5 items, and I’m happy with how they fit into my wardrobe.  I asked for more summery tops in my next Fix, so we’ll see how Stitch Fix delivers!

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, check out my referral link – I’ll receive a $25 credit on my account when you schedule your Fix, and then you can start referring all your friends to earn some free clothes!

Thank you

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  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    What a really cool idea! I hate clothes shopping too. I never did like it but then I had kids and I really didn’t like it!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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