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My Farewell to Stitch Fix | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

My Farewell to Stitch Fix

For the better part of the last year I have anxiously looked forward to getting my Stitch Fix box, strategically delivered on my husband’s pay day. They started off AMAZING. They turned me on to new styles that I would never pick for myself and made me fall in love with labels that I have never heard of.

Then things took a turn. At a very not great time. I have sang Stitch Fix’s praises from the rooftops (See these posts 1, 2, 3, and 4 and this fancy guest post) and have gotten many friends, family, and readers to sign up (as reflected by the credits in my account!) and this may have bit me in the butt.

Back in August I decided weeks before my Fix came that I was going to buy the whole thing. I had roughly $50 in credits and the Fix was coming the week before my anniversary AND birthday. I had asked for something with sparkle and fun so that I could show it off while I celebrated so I was PUMPED. When the box came it was a big box of FAIL. I had been begging for a handbag for months and I finally got one…but it was not classic or at all like the bags I had been pinning. It was a purply-blue animal print clutch….I had been pinning totes, satchels, and cross bodies…and some that had come in people’s Fixes! In addition to the not right bag there was a studded blouse (I don’t do studs), skinny ponte pants (NO), a super busy print dress (I looked huge), and some silver earrings. I almost kept the earrings but they wouldn’t lay properly. So with great sadness I wasted my credit and sent everything back. I kept my hopes up for September because everyone has an off day.

Insert more sadness here 🙁 I typically keep all of my Fix checkout slips and I can’t even find this one. It was horrible! There were not 1, but 2 dresses that had industrial zippers. Okay, I gave them the feedback that I HATED the studs last month, so they sent these dresses I will never know! There was also a black and white chevron infinity scarf, a burgundy pencil dress that I couldn’t even pull on, and something…the only thing I kept was the scarf. I’d been wanting one and I didn’t want to waste my credits 2 months in a row. This was a good choice because I do wear it all the time and it ended up only costing me $2.

My Farewell to Stitch Fix - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated - www.crunchycrafty.com

Well, I will stop whining…here is my last Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Farewell


This note really had me hopeful…

Stitch Fix Farewell


My box was twice the size as usual (which was kind of exciting) and then I saw there was 2 stacks of clothes! Even more fun!

Stitch Fix Farewell


First up was a super cute chunky cardigan from Collective Concepts. This had the highest probability of staying with me, but the close to $80 price tag was just more than I could swallow.

Stitch Fix Farewell

Next was a Mustard colored sleeveless shell/blouse. While I love this color (like, a lot) I just didn’t need another shell…and it was a bit small. The majority of what I have kept over the past year have been shells.

Stitch Fix Farewell

Third was a tab sleeved top from Pomelo. I LOVE Pomelo. Most of my favorite pieces from Stitch Fix have been their brand, BUT I have hated every tab-sleeved shirt they have sent. This one also was so tight that I had to have my husband help me get it off…and we were scared it was going to rip!

Stitch Fix Farewell  Next was a really adorable black and white chevron maxi. The fabric just felt pretty thin and not really winter appropriate. Had this come back in April I would have kept it.

Stitch Fix Farewell


Last was a navy and white polka dot dress by Yumi…that cost over $100….that I couldn’t even try on because there was a pulled thread in the zipper. A blessing in disguise I am sure!


Stitch Fix Farewell

Stitch Fix Farewell


So, back in the bag it all went. This is when I decided it was officially time to say good-bye to Stitch Fix. She treated me well for so long, but then we grew apart. (Actually, between you, me, and the internet I think that the company grew too fast and they struggled to get and properly train their stylists. I mean just READ the feedback…please!) My husband and I decided that I should look into a different type of monthly box. Right now, I am leaning towards a crafty box! I would love for someone to send me a box of craft supplies!

Stitch Fix Farewell


Do you have a monthly subscription box? What is it for, and do you love it!?

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  1. Jennifer

    I must say, I like to read bloggers’ Stitch Fix posts because I like living vicariously through others. But I wouldn’t sign up for the subscription because the reviews I’ve read have been overwhelmingly negative.
    Plus, I’m soooo particular about what I wear. I think if I wanted some help, I would go enlist a personal shopper at my favorite store.

    Do you like makeup and toiletries? You should sign up for a Birchbox.

    • mrsdmeeks

      I loved Stitch Fix at first, but then they didn’t take my feedback into account as well as I thought they would. I’ve heard great things about Birchbox, but I am leaning towards getting a crafty or foodie subscription box.

  2. Natalina

    I have only tried make up kits when I was younger. the shades never matched my skin and what ever was in the products caused my skin to breakout or feel really oily.I like the idea of a personal shopper at your favorite store. less hassle of trying things on and having to send it all back. I love the craft/sewing box idea. If you find one post abut it. Id be interested.

  3. happysuz2013Happysuz

    I have shut off my fixes also. They were great at first, but I kept getting the same things over and over just in different colors or patterns. I also thought some items were overpriced. I also have a monthly makeup delivery from Ipsy, which I love!

    • mrsdmeeks

      I’ve heard good things about Ipsy!! I am looking into a crafty subscription so that I have a little more motivation to make things! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  4. Emily @ Table + Hearth

    I’ve been pondering Stitch Fix for a while since I hate shopping in my town, but there’s alot to consider so thank you for posting this honest experience. I am impressed that they were concerned and tried to fix it with such a generous box, even though it didn’t work. Have a good weekend! Visiting from #sitsblogging 🙂

    • mrsdmeeks

      I have always been very honest in my reviews and I did LOVE them in the beginning. I think that the company just grew WAY to quick for themselves and weren’t training their stylists or something…or looking back on past feedback!

      Thanks so much for stopping!

  5. Amy

    I tried out ipsy because it looked like there was some fun make up to try, but I was really disappointed in the quality of products. I got dry shampoo in one bag. Does anyone actually use that? I also tried Love with Food, but it was just not the kind of food I would snack on, so it kept going to waste.

    • mrsdmeeks

      Oh no!! I have heard good things about Ipsy and Birchbox (and I do know some girls who use dry shampoo!). My next venture is going to be something crafty…but I don’t want a specific project, I want a box of stuff LOL

  6. Andee Zomerman

    Same thing happened here. I loved my first and second, the third was meh, and I sent the fourth back. I figured I could do better on my own. And since I’m pretty into fair-trade buying, it all worked out for the best. Now I can investigate the companies who make the clothes I want to wear.

    • mrsdmeeks

      I’ve heard that a lot of people have had similar experiences!! You would think that they would get BETTER over time and not worse!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. MRS. AOK

    Thanks for your honesty. I’ve been wanting to enroll in a subscription box service, but I still don’t know who to commit to. Once upon a time I subscribed to a monthly box service, for the life of me I cannot remember the name…. anyway, it was nice the first few times, but then things became smaller. I wasn’t as happy as I was when I first started the service and cancelled. However, my box didn’t send clothes, clothes in the mail each month would be awesome!
    Thanks for sharing your story via Mommy Monday
    p.s you and Superman are super cute!

    • mrsdmeeks

      It made me really sad to write this post!! My Stitch Fix had been the highlight of my month (I lead a sad life lol) and then it took a turn. Thanks for stopping by…Mommy Monday is so fun!

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