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My Return to Stitch Fix | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

My Return to Stitch Fix

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What kind of person would I be if I resurrected Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated, but not one of it’s most popular series? Dumb…that’s what! So here it is, my return to Stitch Fix!

The last time that I wrote about Stitch Fix was when I was saying goodbye. There had been a series of not awesome fixes and I was losing faith in the service and how thoroughly they reviewed feedback. I would be sad spending the $20 to get a fix sent to me and then not liking/fitting anything in the box. It was like paying money to make myself sad.

I have only received one box since saying goodbye where I requested a new purse for my birthday. I think every girl deserves a box full of goodies delivered to her house on her birthday. It should be a rule, or a law, or something. They sent me the perfect big, RED purse – Urban Expression’s Elisha Zipper Accent structured Satchel and it looks like I’m not the only one in love with it. Check out reviews from Differentiated Kindergarten and Living in Yellow and how much they love this purse. It holds everything I could possibly want, with only one major flaw. There is zipper detailing which tends to catch on some of my clothes, but nothing I can’t handle.

Part of the reason I decided to request this fix was because I woke up one day to a notice that I had $75 in credits. I haven’t been buying myself much in the way of clothes lately because I just do not like the way I look and I could not rationalize spending money on a SAHM wardrobe. However, when there is $75 staring you in the face you tend to jump knowing that I would probably only be able to keep 1 item from the fix. Decisions would have to be made.

On to my April 2016 Stitch Fix! 

Papermoon Alona V-Neck Dress – $68 – Returned

Papermoon 2


This dress dress was everything. I wear a LOT of black and white. The cut is flattering to my bodyshape and the V wasn’t too low. There was some give to the fabric. AND it had come directly from my Pinterest fashion board. This dress would be perfectly acceptable for helping out at school, or even the rare date night. When it came to decision time, though, it had to go in the return pile because it was polyester and not terribly breathable. I live in Orlando now and as hot and humid Atlanta was, Orlando is more intense.

Pixley Eileen Honeycomb Texture Knit Tank – $54 – Returned



Another item straight from the Pinterest board! A light and flowy tank with a hi-low cut and mint accents. Another one that they hit the nail on the head with. The downfall, and reason that this ended up in the return pile, is because it may have been too flowy. I was afraid that after I lose a few pounds it would just be too big and would sit in my closet as a part of the “fat” wardrobe. Buying clothes that just sit in your closet is no fun.

BC Footwear – Dinky Fringe Sandal – $60 – Returned

Shoe 2

I have FAT feet! I come from a long line of people who have horrible feet and I spent 95% of my childhood running around barefoot and have had 3 kids (which make your feet expand) which explains why I will NEVER fit into cute, sassy sandals like this. The mint color is something I adore and have the perfect outfits to match, but I couldn’t even try them on.

BRIXON IVY – Kessie Knit Faux Wrap Dress – $64 – Returned

Brixon Ivy


This summer I found the perfect wrap dress at a church rummage sale. It *may* have cost me $1. I now want all of the wrap/faux wrap dresses and I was hopeful that this would be added to my closet. It had the color and softness, but the cut just was not working for me. Sad Panda. While the length was lovely, the arm hole were too deep (as seen by my highly visible cami) and it clung to all of the wrong parts of me.

Dear John – Lillie Striped Cuffed Short – $68 – Kept

Dear John

Dear John

Finally. I found something in this Fix that was 100% practical and perfect. These blue and white striped Dear John jean shorts cost way more than I have ever spent on a pair of shorts, but I already love them. When I took them out for their maiden voyage yesterday to Red Carpet Day at Pre-K and Coding Coaching for second grade they were so comfortable and I never felt exposed like I sometimes do in shorts.

You may have noticed that I mentioned hemlines and inseams a few times. This was a major problem for me in the past. I requested more modest ones because, let’s face it, I’m not some hot, young co-ed who should be wearing booty shorts and mini dresses. I’m a mom of 3 who doesn’t have a trainer and dietitian to keep her on point. I volunteer weekly in an elementary school with a dress code and have been known to make a meal of goat cheese and crackers. I’m a real woman and not a model and I think that Stitch Fix finally is understanding that. This excites me greatly!

I hope to save up and get another Fix in a few months, but you should try it for yourself by signing up HERE. This is my personal referral link and I do get a credit when your order ships (thank you!). The awesome thing is, when you sign up, YOU will get your own link to share with friends and family and earn credits for yourself.

Did I make a good decision with this Fix?

Have you ever gotten a Stitch Fix, or do you prefer a different monthly subscription box? Is there another one that I should be checking out and reviewing?

Let me know in the comments!
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  1. like Sara…but with a d

    I was considering stitch fix because my closet leaves a little to be desired. I wear scrubs to work everyday so I don’t actually shop for clothes often, but then when I want to go out for brunch I have nothing to wear. Plus, I am hopeless at shopping!

    I signed up for Ipsy recently, last month was my first glam bag…it was meh. I gave most of it to my daughter actually. Although, I don’t think it is Ipsy’s fault as I actually don’t wear much make up 😀 I kinda just wanted to get fun stuff in the mail…and it only cost $10!

    • Anne Marie D

      I’ve tossed around the idea of getting Ipsy since it is so cheap, but there is a better chance of me wearing clothes vs makeup. 🙂

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