Bad Moms is Life

This morning I woke up half an hour before my alarm.

I stumbled my way to the kitchen to make some coffee only to be scared by my 8 year old standing in the hallway…silently. He’s never silent.

Soon the rest of the house was up an crazy with the Tuesday morning routine of me podcast prepping and my kids avoiding getting ready for school. Who needs clean socks? A lunch and a snack…nah…let’s draw on Disney Infinity’s with markers and play Minecraft.

Then I came across a Twitter post that changed my day.

It wasn’t some inspirational quote, or picture of a cute puppy. It was the Bad Moms Red Band trailer.

What is a Red Band Trailer you may ask yourself, well the answer is simple. They are for restricted or mature audiences and usually contain nudity, profanity, or other not child appropriate material. They are NSFW.

This may sway some people. I, on the other hand, prefer this because it is going to be more accurate to the movie it is advertising.

Once I watched the trailer I was all but jumping up and down clapping like a buffoon.

Mila Kunis sounds exactly like me every morning. “I love you kids, get out. Get out.”

Her exhaustion at the emergency PTA meeting where she just says NO. “I’m tired of trying to be this perfect mom.” This is what we are all thinking EVERY DAY.

The bake sale where Christina Applegate gets in her face for bringing store bought donut holes has me on the floor laughing because I am literally about to make a cake and a pie for Teacher Appreciation Week.

The scene at the restaurant where they list their children’s failings only to start crying because they love them so much and will miss them when they go to college. Where they say they would die for them. It makes me tear up.

My day feels significantly less crazy after watching this trailer…a few times. I am now in my happy place.

Bad Moms is life. It’s escalated, but it is real life.

Is Bad Moms your kind of movie?

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  1. Christine Everyday

    I saw this trailer for the first time today and I am ALL ABOUT this.

    • mrsdmeeks

      This trailer had me absolutely rolling, which is what I needed after an early and rough start to my day. I think I need to set up a girls’ night to go see it!

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