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Currently: Seeking Hustle | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Currently: Seeking Hustle

Currently there is a daily struggle to get up and moving. I struggle to figure out activities for the kids, unpack from moving, and to get some work done. I feel like I’ve lost the hustle that I built up over the last 6 months. Summer (and Netflix) has been getting the best of me.



Too much and NOTHING good for me! Between moving and the kids being home I have been struggling to stick with eating good food. The hubs and I have determined that we are back on the diet (21 Day Fix) and that means no more late night pizza deliveries and pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

Pizza delivery


Too much coffee. For the past week or so I have been drinking 3+ cups of coffee a day and getting “coffee belly.” It’s not awesome. I bought a nice, glass water cup with straw (thank you Target clearance!) which I am hoping will help me up my water intake. There is just something comforting about coffee. It make me happy. It gives me that little jolt that I need to get through the day.


Pain!! I am the queen of self diagnosing problems and my latest is plantar facsiitis. If you aren’t familiar, this is a pain in the heel of your feet from wearing less than supportive shoes because of the excessive stress on your feet. Since I am barefoot or in flip flops 99% of the time I am actually quite surprised that it took this long. The treatment includes stretch and wearing better shoes which is pretty easy…I just have to do it. I hate socks.


I worry about everything including, but not limited to: my parenting skills, my mental health, my kids’ mental health, eating right, getting my work done, being creative, being successful, my brother’s wedding and wedding shower, that I’m not spending enough time with my husband, that my house looks like a nice frat house, that my kids are constantly speaking Minecraft and Roblox, and so on and so forth. I am a big ball of worry and I can thank  my mother and grandmother for passing THAT gene down the bloodline.


VIDEO GAMES! It is 7 in the morning and all 3 kids are on separate devices. Yup…I’m that mom. Deal with it or sanctimommy away. The little guy is playing Wreck it Ralph which he has never played before. He is trying something new and learning some hand-eye coordination that he is going to need in Kindergarten this year. The girl is playing a multiplayer online game on Roblox where she “adopts and raises a cute baby.” Then there is the big guy. He found his way to the Minecraft server of some of his favorite YouTubers. This means he isn’t just mindlessly building a world, he is interacting with other people who have the same interests. Screen time isn’t the enemy.

Oh, and they aren’t fighting and that is music to my ears.



A script! On Tuesday night I am participating in a table read of my husband’s latest script, Infinite Tina as Tina. It is AMAZING and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to discover it. We did a quick read-through this weekend and I am so excited to see how it will turn out when I’m not reading all of the female roles.



I need to find my hustle! For the past few months I have been firing on all cylinders with every aspect of my life. Last week I fell off. I wasn’t able to get any posts up on my site, but I did write two for other sites. I barely kept up with the dishes and laundry at home. I didn’t do any reading or learning.

This is not okay! I need to find my hustle again. I am better than this and I need to keep getting better. I have always been an excellent multi-tasker, but I think the tides are changing with that. My productivity seems to be better when I am able to focus on one task at a time…too bad having kids makes that almost impossible! As I type I’m think about the huge list of things I need to accomplish this morning.

Where’s my to-do list?

Currently Seeking Hustle square


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  1. Katie

    ”Screen time isn’t the enemy.”

    All the love for this. People hear the words and it strikes fear into their hearts without giving any thought to the potential benefits there is to allowing some screen time. When my brother was little he was struggling in school with his letters and reading to the point of needing extra help with them. Which we got him of course but the big swaying factor was that he got a little RPG game on his Sega Mega Drive and needing to read the story gave him the drive, inspiration and practice to catch up. Now he spends all summer buried under Greek history and mythology textbooks.

    We do what we need to to make it to tomorrow, right? Good luck with the move!

    Stopping by from #MMBH

    • Anne Marie D

      YES!! I am convinced that my 4yo has partially learned to read from reading in video games 🙂

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