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My Hopes for Summer 2016 | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

My Hopes for Summer 2016

Summer is here and I am setting out some serious hopes and expectations

My Hopes for Summer 2016 Pin

Hopes for My Kids

I hope that I can find a way to get my kids outside for at least an hour every day. Even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood.

I hope that my kids each try something NEW. I’m not talking about a new video game or food, but an activity that they have never tried before.

I hope that my kids will start to be more responsible and independent. I am tired of having to have an eagle eye on them at all times. They are getting old enough to be responsible for their actions.

I hope my kids laugh every day. At least once.

I hope that my kids start to learn to coexist without always fighting and picking on each other. I know that it is apart of being siblings, but how many times CAN you call someone a baby or kick them in the shins.

Hopes for My Family and Myself

I hope that I can read at least 3 books. I miss reading. When I was younger I would devour books, but since having kids (and the emergence of social media) I have only read a handful of books. I miss being transported to new worlds and I want to make sure that my kids see that I love to read and can adopt it into their lives.

I hope that my husband and I can decide on where to go for our 10th anniversary so we can start saving up.

I hope I can have 24 hours to myself. I don’t care how, where, or why, but I want 24 hours where I do not have to be responsible for anyone but myself.

I hope that, as a family, we do not OD on devices and technology. While I 100% believe that my kids have learned a TON from playing games and watching videos it would be nice to unplug a little bit.

I hope that my husband and I can get away for a few date nights/days. The other night we sat in bed eating pizza, having drinks, and watching Netflix and it was the most relaxing and enjoyable night in ages.

I hope that I can start cooking better food for my family. We are moving into a bigger place with a much brighter and inviting kitchen and I hope that will help. For the past year I have hated the kitchen in our condo so I haven’t been inclined to cook much.

I hope that I can swing a few girls’ nights. Drinks, cocktails, and gossip…what could be better?

Hopes for the World

I hope that we can relax. The past year has been a world of crazy and we all need to step back and look at our own behavior. We need a time out. We need to STOP being so judgmental (myself included).

I hope that we start to be supportive of others and stop with the bullying. Everyone is different and we need to learn to respect that and encourage people’s uniqueness. The world should not be made of cookie cutter personalities.

I hope that we make smart choices. It’s like I am talking to a small child, but the world needs to MAKE SMART CHOICES. We have been too destructive of our world and our fellow man.

I hope we can laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Find the humor and happy in the every day.

Your Hopes

What do you hope will happen this summer? Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve? What do you hope for your kids or the world?

My Hopes for Summer 2016 - you

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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, 24 hours to yourself sounds perfect. I could wish for that too! An hour out and about with the children sounds doable (not sure about the squabbling though!). Who needs to go out on a date when you have Netflix and pizza!

    For us, I hope we manage to get down the beach for early morning and late evening swims as a family. I’d also like to get a photo of some turtle hatchlings and really hope that the summer is not too long and hot!


    • Anne Marie D

      I love the “Netflix and food” date! We watched Grace and Frankie and had nachos last night…sometimes the best dates are at home on the couch.

  2. Lr Jamison (Lowanda)

    I really like your list of hopes. Its fun the stages of life we go through as moms. You are wishing for 24 hours alone and I’m actually hoping to get more of my boys attention. But I can relate, because I’ve been in your shoes. Now that my kids are older (22) more time is what I want. Your list brought a smile to my face and I needed that today. Thanks. 🙂

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