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Is It Time for #BlogHer17 Yet? | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Is It Time for #BlogHer17 Yet?

I love giveaways all the time for one main reason – I’m really lucky!

Over the years I have won a ton of little things like a cupcake decorating kit from Top Chef, leggings from 2 different LuLaRoe consultants, and posters from geeky Twitter accounts. A few months ago, however, I won a prize to beat them all – a free ticket to #BlogHer17 from Beyond Your Blog! This is HUGE because tickets are almost $400! 

GUYS! I just won a ticket to @blogher from #BeyondYourBlog! I am freaking out with excitement! Let me know if you’re going so we can meet up!

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This is such an awe-inspiring opportunity for me because at the time I won I had just taken on a part time job as the social media coordinator for Orlando Moms Blog and had started to walk away from CCHC (again…) from burnout and lack of progress. Now I have been given this AMAZING opportunity to learn, network, and grow from women who are killing it in the blogging field and I feel rejuvenated. I feel refreshed. I feel motivated to get BETTER. And it doesn’t hurt that this 2.5 day conference is taking place a mere 25-30 minutes from my house so I will have no additional travel costs! #winning

My Plan of Attack

Make the most of it. The end. Thanks for coming. Don’t forget your SWAG.

Okay, it’s not so simple. Nothing is. This is a professional and educational conference with so much to absorb. Also, I’m a planner and I have to have everything worked out in advance…at least as much as I can!

1. Learn

While I have been blogging for almost 4 years and podcasting  for over 5 there is still so much to learn. Blogging and social media are changing at such a rapid pace that I am always fighting to keep up with the curve, let alone get ahead of it. The #BlogHer17 session schedule is so diverse that there is a lot of picking and choosing what I feel would benefit MY brand and my employer’s brand most versus what just sounds fun!

The very first session block is this problem in a nutshell for me. Five different sessions (including the return of the food track!) are vying for my full attention with a session on live broadcasting and a session about how to use your blog to travel the world leading the pack. I know with my brain that I could really benefit from learning more about Snapchat (I do NOT understand) and Facebook Live, but my heart is pulling me to learn about traveling because I have seen almost nothing in the world. I believe that this is called Wanderlust, right? This back and forth pull will probably continue until that morning. Perhaps a pro/con list is in order?

I might need to bring my time turner with me to try and hit all of the sessions I want to learn from…or maybe divide and conquer with some of my friends (The Creative SAHM, Kindness in Demand, The Chase is Real) that are going. Either way I plan on filling my pretty, little brain with tons of information.

2. Network

I’ve put some thought into my networking plan. I shared it during a #BlogHer17 Twitter chat not too long ago (Tuesdays at 1pm EST…don’t miss it!) and I’m going to share it with you now.

Here’s how my plan works. On day 1 I observe and survey which vendors or bigger bloggers I want to chat with and hopefully work with in the future. I’ll make a list in my planner so that on the second day I can make it rain business cards.


While walking around the exhibit hall I casually make conversation and pass out business cards on day 2 before checking back in on day 3. I have to ensure that brands and bloggers a like remember my pretty little face! Hopefully I will be able to put my plan to work and get a chance to work with some brands following #BlogHer17.

3. Enjoy Myself

This mommy doesn’t get a lot of time out of the house without the looming fear that I am forgetting to do something in regards to my 3 kiddos, but not during #BlogHer17! I am passing off all responsibilities to my darling husband. Today I even found out a few of my internet friends (Mommy in Sports and Gym Craft Laundry I’m looking at you!) will be there. We already have a date for some drinks. My excitement for this conference is only building. Is it time for #BlogHer17 yet??? 

Are you going?

Let me know in the comments if you are going to #BlogHer17 or if you’ve ever been! I would love some advice for a first time attendee because I am kind of nervous.

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