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Tour Through Blogland! | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Tour Through Blogland!

Who’s up for a 3 hour tour? How about a 3 blog tour? 😉 This week Sarah from Me Plus 3…TODAY nominated me for the Tour Through Blogland! An fun game where you are nominated to answer a series of questions about yourself and then nominate 3 fellow bloggers…and so on and so forth. One of the best things is that it is a chance for bloggers to help each other out and open up their audiences.


Tour Through Blogland

Sarah is an amazing and strong mom and blogger who is raising 3 small children on her own since her husband passed away last year. She has a series dedicated to her recovery an life as a widow, but many of her posts are veered towards things she has learned as a mom. Check her out, because she is seriously inspiring!

Now on to the tough questions!

1) What are you working on?

Right now I am working on getting organized! With September comes the beginning of my busy season. Not only am I trying to get my blog on a good schedule, both (yes both) of my podcasts will be coming back in full swing. I co-host fan podcasts with Bill Meeks – Greetings from Storybrooke (Once Upon a Time) and Legends of Gotham (Gotham)- and they have been pretty busy this summer but we will be recording 2 shows a week starting at the end of September.

When it comes to Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated I am working on a bunch of projects.

  • I plan on starting some sort of video component to the site.
  • There are some great crafts for the holiday season up my sleeve!
  • Securing some sponsors (food and craft) to bring you great products to try.
  • Caffeinated posts ranging from reviews to giveaways to rants (the beauty of the caffeinated post!)
  • Recipes of all sorts…I’m hoping to recreate some from famous chef cookbooks for an added challenge for myself…thoughts?

2) How does your work differ from others in it’s genre?

My blog is different than others because it is very relaxed. My recipes do not always follow a strict recipe. My plating is AWFUL! My crafts are usually created/invented as they are documented. I don’t do anything terribly classy or well thought out (though I am looking to change this a bit). I just want my readers to feel at home.

3) Why do you write/create what you do?

This is my outlet! My full time job has taken a turn for the stressy, my kids are bouncing off of the walls, and we won’t even talk about how NOT neat and organized my house it, but when I sit down to write or edit or interact I can breathe. My readers and fellow bloggers are my friends and my Tribe. I feel understood and accepted here in the blog-o-sphere and that is something that I really needed in my life!

4) How does your writing/creative process work?

Process…ha….funny. My process goes something like this:

ME: I’m going to make X.
Runs around gathering supplies and looking up recipes and instructions

ME: Has anyone seen my phone? This would be a cool post. I really need to do craft or something. But everyone HAS to eat, so food posts are easier.
Blank stares from children and husband. Husband points at my phone in my hand.

ME: Thanks.
Creates project while swatting away little hands from the pictures.

So, there. That about wraps up my “creative” process! My writing/editing process is a little more normal. I usually spend an hour + each night working on stuff after the kids go to bed, with a higher concentration on Friday nights and Saturday mornings (this is usually my weekly posting time!).

So now that I have given you a bit of an overview into my world check out a few of my blogger friends!

First up, Leah and Chelsea at Life, Love, and Coffee Stains!

Tour Through Blogland

These girls crack me up!! They are 2 20-somethings that I want to be my best friends. So much so that I had them do a guest post for me a while back. They have a great outlook on everything and we share one major common interest…coffee.

Next, Jeaninne over at JO Social Branding.

Tour Through Blogland

I recently met Jo through an event I did called the Blog Staycation. This was an event organized by a group of bloggers to make connections and help each other answer questions while working their way through their epicly long to-do lists. Jo’s blog offers ideas for helping you build your blog and your community. I am so glad to have met her.

Lastly, Tiffany from Fizzy Party.

Tour Through Blogland!

Tiffany has become such a great friend via our weekly #SITSblogging chats. I always look forward to seeing what she is cooking up over at her party blog. I am especially excited for her Ghoul’s Night Out series since I am a huge fan of all things Halloween and Girl’s night out!

So there you have it! A quick little tour around my place with a few more stops to make! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tour Through Blogland! Please consider following me all over the web!


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  1. MrsTee

    Your process sounds similar to my except insert product reviews for recipes…LOL Thanks for the tour 🙂

    • mrsdmeeks

      Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love meeting new bloggers and seeing what their processes are like 🙂

    • mrsdmeeks

      It’s a GREAT idea!! A quick way to get to know a few bloggers 🙂

  2. Leah + Chelsea

    You’re so sweet!! We’ll be posting ours on Friday 😀 Thanks for nominating us!
    – Latte Love, Leah + Chelsea

  3. Freely Fatima

    I love these types of posts its so nice to see who is out there in the blogging world!

  4. Jeannine

    Thanks again for nominating me! I am so excited to take part in this challenge. I agree with the other comments, it is great to get to know the blogger behind the scenes! I LOVE Once Upon A Time and am excited to hear the podcasts! I have been watching since the first season, then my husband became hooked season 2. We bought the blu-ray for the first season to catch him up and it is now our “thing”. Great job on the post! I will be hopefully posting mine tomorrow!

    • mrsdmeeks

      Yay another Oncer 🙂 We have been working our way through doing commentaries (listen to podcast while watching the episode) all summer for S1…it’s really cool to be looking back at those episodes knowing everything that we know now!

  5. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Loved hearing about your writing process. Hilarious!

    I try to create a pretty relaxed space too… maybe that’s why we’re bloggy friends.

    I haven’t crafted for so long. I need to make something. Soon. Maybe you could post a tutorial to inspire me (wink).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    • mrsdmeeks

      Ah yes, that crafty thing….I have a few things up my sleeve 😉

  6. nickirocky

    Hilarious post! Where is your “About Me” page. I can’t find it! Can’t wait to see what you do with your entry into the Creative Blog Hop on Monday!

    • mrsdmeeks

      I am having some “technical difficulties” with that…until yesterday I didn’t know it was missing!

  7. Lisa

    This was a great post! I love the concept and getting to know other bloggers out there!

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