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Calligraphy and My Failed Patience | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience

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My name is Anne Marie and I am a craft supply hoarder.

Does anyone else need a support group like this? I have a bad habit of picking up hobbies, but not having the follow though to get really good at them. I literally have boxes upon boxes of stickers, washi, stamps, inks, different paper, hot glue, craft finishes, paints, doilies, and felt. The list could go on.

One of my latest ventures has been calligraphy.

Why Calligraphy?

I’ve always loved the way that calligraphy looked. With all of the different pen colors and nibs. With the swoops and swirls. It was so fancy and seemed to make everything look so much nicer than using a regular pen. I had to learn it.

A few weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to review the book Simply Calligraphy: A Beginners Guide to Elegant Lettering” by Judy Detrick and I jumped at the chance.

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience 1



  • Simply Calligraphy – available either in paperback or kindle
  • Pen – I went with the Speedball Elegant Writer. It is a marker pen and was very easy to use.
  • Paper – I used my Erin Condren notebook because the book suggested using a high quality paper.
  • Refreshments!! I am *mildly* obsessed with La Croix Sparkling Waters

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience 2

Getting Started

The first thing I do when I get a new book is skim through it. I want to get an idea for what I am getting myself into. This book is fairly small so I figured I would be an expert at calligraphy in no time. Lower case and upper case letters, numbers, and fancy flourishes…yup, I’ve got this!

I was wrong.

I started off making slanted downstrokes. According to the book these are a very basic stroke that need to be consistent and repeated regularly to master. After a few downstrokes I wanted to give some letters a try (that’s what I’m really here for) so I moved on to the “easy” letters.

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience 3

Some of my letters weren’t too bad, but most weren’t awesome. I don’t really understand how some motions are supposed to occur so I had to sort of wing it. The book could have gone into a bit more detail for some motions.

Then I moved on to arches. This is where I really excelled at calligraphy. My lowercase h, k, m, n, and r all look so professional (not sure what happened with little u there). I should have probably stopped here, because this is where I peaked.

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience 4

Adios Patience

I continued going through the book and attempting each of the different letters, but I was losing interest and patience. I really wanted to like calligraphy. I wanted to be good at it and make some super cute Christmas cards later this year all in calligraphy. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Non-calligraphy doodles started to appear on my notebook. I wrote my name in various forms of “fancy” cursive. I was like a middle school girl drawing instead of taking notes in Pre-Algebra.

It appears that calligraphy is going to join the boxes of failed projects of the past. Hopefully it will reappear from time to time for another go ’round.

Calligraphy and My Failed Patience 6

Are you a craft supply hoarder like me? What is your greatest failure? Are you excellent at calligraphy? Do you have a cup of patience and focus I could borrow?  Are there any other crafts I should give a try (AKA add to my boxes of goodies)?

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Calligraphy and My Failed Patience

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. You can find more information about the author and her book here and here

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  1. Christine Everyday

    I’ve made attempts like this, too, but mostly because I want to improve my handwriting. But, like you, I usually stop before I even fill the page!

    • Anne Marie D

      HA!! Yes!! I have the attention span of a gnat some days. I do love trying new things, though. Otherwise how will I find out what I like and am good at?? 🙂

  2. HeavenOnEarth

    I feel the same way! I am a craft supply hoarder undefiled at being patient with my calligraphy! You did a great job though … I hope you learn to enjoy it if your persevere 🙂

    • Anne Marie D

      I love that it’s not just me 🙂 I do hope to give calligraphy another try…maybe when my kids are a little older and my patience is a little stronger!

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