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Podcast a Go-Go | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Podcast a Go-Go

I love podcasts! I listen to them while playing Mommy Chauffeur, working out, and writing. There are millions of podcasts out there on every topic that you could possibly think of. They are an amazing tool for education and entertainment.

My husband is to blame. He introduced me to podcasts years ago when I was working in an office and then for fed my addiction by suggesting we host one together. I was all in!


Greetings from Storybrooke

Our first podcast is special. Just like your first job or first baby, you have no clue what you are doing in the beginning. You bumble your words. The schedule is hard. You want to be the best, but you are just an amateur.

But it gets better. It always does.

Greetings from Storybrooke is a Once Upon a Time fan podcast where we dissect the good and the bad. We also like to publish episode commentaries where we record ourselves watching the show and fun things like our Once If? series where we run through what could have happened if things had gone differently. There is almost always an abundance of magic juice (adult beverages) flowing through our studio…as well as BAD singing. We sing ALL THE TIME.

We even did episodes for the short-lived series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Podcast a Go-Go - Greetings from Storybrooke

Legends of Gotham

When we heard that FOX was coming out with a series about Gotham before Batman we jumped on the chance to add a second podcast to our repertoire with Legends of Gotham. This is another fan podcast where we also dissect the good and the bad from this week’s episode and talk about the possibility of things in Gotham before the cape and cowl. This podcast has also given us the opportunity to connect with many people directly involved with the show including John Stephens, Victoria CartagenaAndrew Stewart-Jones, as well as fans of the Batman universe like Jarod Joseph from The 100.

Podcast a Go-Go - Legends of Gotham


We’re So LOST

Over the past few years MANY of our listeners have told us that we need to watch LOST, which neither hubs or I have. We decided to finally give it a shot and, of course, podcast about it. We are watching episode by episode WITHOUT spoilers. It’s like going back in time.

We only record We’re So LOST when our other shows are on hiatus, so we mostly record over the holidays and in the summer. I hope you will join us for our time on the island.

Podcast A Go-Go - We're So Lost

Watch us LIVE

We usually record all of our podcast live here with a pretty active chat room. I hope that you will join us for a recording sometime, or consider adding us to your podcast rotation!

What are some of YOUR favorite podcasts? How did you find them?

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    • mrsdmeeks

      Thank you!! I thank my tech guru Bill for all of his podcast magic, but I am slowly picking up a thing or two! Who knows what other projects I have up my sleeve….

  1. The Mad Mommy

    Wow! You guys are such naturals and by the way, Rainbow Brite was my girl! I had a Rainbow Brite doll and everything! I need to check out your Once Upon A Time Podcast!

    • mrsdmeeks

      Rainbow was amazing!! I seriously thought I was her when I was little…and I wanted to be She-Ra when I grew up! Such a kid of the 80s! You are going to LOVE Greetings from Storybrooke!! SO MUCH FUN!

  2. mommyinsports

    I feel like such a loser…I’ve never watched that show! I have to check it out now!

    • mrsdmeeks

      You aren’t a loser…you’re busy!! I think you will really like Universe Box! It is completely stand alone and really fun! We also have a super awesome guest this week 🙂

  3. Lauren

    I haven’t seen either of those shows, but I love the idea of your last one. I bet you’re going to have some great stories next week. Isn’t it funny to think about how much technology has changed in such a short time period? Crazy!

    • mrsdmeeks

      It is CRAZY!! I was on a search for Retro Tech at some thrift stores yesterday and grabbed a phone. My 3yo picked up the cord and asked me what it was for…then proceeded to tell me the phone was dead and needed charged! LOL

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