A Dummy’s Guide to Paleo

Upon the advice of a trusted friend I am adding basic definition of Paleo. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think of it…

Annnnnnnnyway…the general way that I describe Paleo to people is I don’t eat grains, dairy, sugar, or legumes. They promptly then look at me and ask what the hell I DO eat. 🙂 I giggle and respond fruits, veggies, and meat. Now I know that there are different groups of Paleo eaters who allow dairy. and some that occasionally supplement with rice. I totally understand and support them on their endeavors! Personally, when I first researched Paleo I found the most strict definition and that is what I am going with!

Now some even hardcore Paleo eaters (is there a better term for that?) allow grassfed cow butter. This baffles me. I am, however, fully in support of it. Many people also don’t eat white potatoes…I do.

Now I found an awesome graphic on Pintrest when I first started off this lifestyle change and of course it doesn’t link to a particular website for be to give credit :-/ I am still going to post it because I find it helpful, but if anyone knows where it originated please let me know!

Awesome Paleo graphic from Pintrest...please let me know if you are the owner!

Awesome Paleo graphic from Pintrest…please let me know if you are the owner!


Happy eating Paleo and Crunchy!

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