Baked Brown Sugar Peaches

A few weeks ago while I was meal planning for my weekly grocery shopping/prep day I came across a recipe for Baked Brown Sugar Peaches. I proceeded to pin it and keep going. I had no reason to make them that day, but I thought they might be fun for a girls night or something. Fast forward a few hours and there I am standing in the middle of Kroger faced with the discount produce (where I usually get our smoothie and banana bread bananas) and low and behold there was a bag of 6 bruised and battered peaches for $1! Obviously it was a sign and into the cart they went.

So I went home, preheated my oven to 375 degrees, and got to work cutting and prepping my peaches. Now like I said they were bruised and battered so this was a delicate procedure (that I forgot to photograph) and a little juicy. I then scooped out the pits and middles and arranged them in my go to baking dish.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

By this time my little helper had wandered into the kitchen begging to assist. While she found a chair and washed her hands I added the butter. Now I didn’t go too crazy, so I only split 1 stick of butter amongst my 12 peach halves.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

I then put my little diva in charge of adding the brown sugar. She was actually very conservative and I had to go back and add a little more.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated


By the time we were done adding the sugar (roughly 1 tsp/half) the peaches looked A-MAZ-ING! Like I seriously wanted to just gobble them up without backing.  I resisted by taking an excessive amount of pictures of them.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly CaffeinatedBaked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly CaffeinatedSo into the oven they went for about 30 minutes. While they were baking my house filled with the most delicious smells and I distracted myself by making Frozen Banana Bites. Finally the anticipation was over.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Now I know that this picture is not so flattering…I was having to control my drool…and my husband…and my 3 kids. My plating still needs some work.

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches - Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly CaffeinatedThat last picture was my dinner that day. Frozen Banana Bites and Baked Brown Sugar Peaches. I even added a strawberry for good measure!

I took all of the leftovers to work the next day so that I would not be tempted to eat them all (because I would) and because who doesn’t like treats in the break room?

Have you ever gone to the grocery store with a plan and then left with something that just looked too good to pass up? That seems to happen to me all the time these days! (A new kid of nut butter in the organic section? Okay! Take all of my money!) What is your favorite stumble upon purchase from the grocery store?

Do you like my new recipe format? I’m trying to step up my game a little!

Baked Brown Sugar Peaches Recipe

The Deliberate Mom

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  1. Mary

    Peaches with brown sugar sounds absolutely delicious! YUM YUM! I can’t wait to try this out, and have pinned it for later use.

    • mrsdmeeks

      I love that it is so easy too! Would be great for entertaining 🙂

  2. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I fry peaches on the stove with butter, brown sugar, and a little bit of cinnamon, so I can imagine how delicious these must be!

    Thanks for sharing (and for taking the time to link up to the #SHINEbloghop)!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

    • mrsdmeeks

      MMMMMM I am going to have to try fried peaches for my next go ’round!

    • mrsdmeeks

      Thanks so much for stopping by! You will NOT regret making these!

  3. Jenn

    Oh, yum. I wish I had this recipe last week while we were in NC on vacation, as we bought the best peaches I’ve eaten all year! Need to pin those banana bites, too. YUM!

    • mrsdmeeks

      I think this recipe really excelled because my peaches were a little battered! Save the good peaches for fresh noshing 🙂

  4. Jen@JENerallyInformed

    I have never made baked peaches before, but think I really need to now after looking at your recipe. I did see they were on sale at my local grocers and so I think this is going to happen! thanks for sharing your yummy recipe 🙂

  5. Charlee Anne

    These look so amazing! We’re going to get a full box of peaches next weekend, so this will be going on my list of peachy recipes to try. Thanks for sharing!

    • mrsdmeeks

      That’s awesome!! Thank you 🙂 I just added my latest post to the hop!! Thanks so much for hosting.

  6. Lisa

    They look so amazing my mouth is watering. I need to make these, but it’s not peach season, I may have to improvise and use a different fruit #happynowlinkup

  7. playdatesparties

    Mmmm! This sounds like a delicious treat! We love to enjoy fresh peaches in the summer, but now I’m going to have to take another look at the discount produce section!

    • Anne Marie D

      I was thinking about giving this a try with apples…at least, something similar.

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