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Mimosa Monday | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

Mimosa Monday

Today is the day that I have been waiting for all summer. This is the day that I have some peace, quiet, and mimosas in celebration of Mimosa Monday. Oh, and it’s the first day of school.

Mimosa Monday


Here is how our morning has gone.

  • Mom wakes up early to find that all of the children have slept in…for maybe the third time since school let out in June.
  • Do a final check that backpacks have all required papers and books then head to the kitchen to bust out 3 school lunches.
  • Assist the girl child in learning how to tame her new pixie cut.
  • Start getting the boys up and moving, including a nervous Kindergartener who wants his mommy to help him get dressed.
  • Begin breakfast (breakfast burritos per request) while fielding socks, shoes, and television requests.
  • Give constant time calls to ensure that breakfast gets finished before the walk to our new bus stop.
  • Potty check, backpacks, and first day of school pictures.
  • Head out the door to the bus stop (conveniently walking by 2 Poke Stops!) and arrive as the bus pulls up! Kids run to get on only to learn it is the wrong bus…at the right time. The real bus ends up coming 10-15 minutes late…yay first day!
  • Walk back home with hubby and get to work to the sound of West Wing Weekly vs. Minecraft, Roblox, and fighting siblings.
  • Pour myself a well earned mimosa before heading to tackle the laundry mound that has taken over my bedroom.

Mimosa Monday signs

My Mimosa Monday

Since it is a weekday I’m not going super crazy with my mimosa and am going with a 50/50 balance of orange juice to champagne. If this was the weekend it would look a lot more like 25/75.

Mimosa Monday tall

Don’t get me wrong…

I miss my babies. There have been very few times over the last 5 years where I have been alone for long stretches of time and I just don’t know how to handle it. I never pictured myself as a SAHM or WAHM, but now that I am I wouldn’t have it any other way. Where else can I make my own schedule and volunteer at school as much as I do?

Mimosa Monday makes Back to School easier on mom.

I’m also just a touch nervous for my little guy. He feels less ready for school than the other two were at his age, but he did just turn 5 less than a month ago! His sister promised to take care of him on the bus (even turning down another kid when they asked to ride with her to do so!) and I know that if anything was to happen big bro Liam would handle it.


I’m not going to let the worry ruin my day because it won’t change anything! Maybe I’ll make them cookies for their after school snack…

Mimosa Monday makes Back to School easier on mom.

How’s your first day?

Have your kids gone back to school? Did you do anything to celebrate?

Mimosa Monday square

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  1. curlycraftymom

    I hope you enjoyed your mimosa Monday! My kids went back to school last Wednesday and I am a stay at home mom/working blogger, so it was bittersweet… I miss the lazy days of summer with them, but it is nice to have some peace and quiet and I can finally get some things done that have been waiting for 3 months! I hope your Kindergartner did ok with his first day! Mine are in 2nd and 5th!


    • Anne Marie D

      I did enjoy my Mimosa Monday! I’m with you on the bittersweetness – I’ve noticed that I was actually a bit MORE productive when they were around because I HAD to be. Now I am just learning how to pack in all of my work while they are gone, but to also have some me time.

  2. Candace Patterson

    That definitely sounds like a mimosa moment – just to celebrate the fact that you made it to the bus on time. Hope their first day was great!

    • Anne Marie D

      Their first day (heck 2 weeks!) have been great! I am lucky to have kids that love school and learning, but I think they really enjoy getting to be with their peers and make new friends.

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