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An Overview of SeaWorld Orlando's Halloween Spooktacular | Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated

An Overview of SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular

Her: I have to wear long sleeves and pants. A black cat it ALL black.

Me: It is 90 degrees out. Put on the tank top or I’m not doing your makeup.

This is the fight that I had with my 6 year old before heading out the door (behind schedule) for the first day of SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular. I had promised the kids that they would wear mini-costumes since there is trick or treating. Boy #1 was some iteration of a Minecraft Creeper. Basically he changed into green socks since he was already wearing a Minecraft t-shirt. Boy #2 was a little boy…aka he wore regular clothes. However, the diva insisted on being dressed head to tow like a black cat…and meowing like one too.

We finally won the battle over her clothes by telling her the rhinestones on her tank top could be the cat’s collar.

And off we went.

A Word to the Wise

Now this may seem like common sense, but check the times before planning your day. We did not. We operated the entire morning as though SeaWorld was open until 8 or 9pm because it had been every time we had been there. While looking up show times around 1pm we discovered that they were only open until 6pm…WHAT?! By the time we got ourselves dressed and drove there we would only have 4 hours. Would there be enough time to do all of the holiday events?

The answer is yes. 4 hours was exactly the perfect amount of time.

SeaWorld Orlando's Halloween Spooktacular Candy Station

The Plan of Attack

Since we had never been to the Halloween Spooktacular before we weren’t 100% sure of what to expect, so we made a rough plan/list of things we wanted to accomplish.

  • Trick or Treating
  • Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween
  • Penelope’s Garden Party
  • Spooktacular Dance Party
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Hubs wanted to ride Manta

When we got to the park it was no where near as crowded as it had been the last few times we came in August. No huge tour groups, just lots of familes and they were all pretty chill. Off to the trick or treat trail we went because we HAD to make sure we got that in. We were greeted by smiling employees handing out bags to everyone (adults included!) and more bubbles than I thought possible.

Trick or Treat

Halloween Spooktacular Trcick or Treat Entrance

There are at least 13 different Candy Stations throughout the park with everything from M&Ms to Twizzlers to Airheads to Cowtails and more. We passed through each line quickly and got 1-3 pieces each. We were excited…and snacking as we went. Our trick or treat path led us straight into Penelope’s Garden Party. Excellent! That already knocked a few items off of our to do list.

Halloween Spooktacular Penelopes Garden Party

The Garden Party serves as a bit of an party central. There were live animal interactions, a DJ, games and crafts, and a matching game between animals and spooky figures.

Character Meets and Interactions

One of the big differences I have noticed at SeaWorld on a regular day versus a party day is there are SO MANY CHARACTERS! There are fish and princesses and sharks throughout the park posing for photo opportunities and interacting with guests. A teacher fish was playing a game with some guests and the fish were cheering them on. The were brightly colored princesses and witches around every turn. And hiding in the Garden Party was a mermaid in a shell posing for formal photos with packages ranging from $29.99 – 49.99.

Halloween Spooktacular Fishy Characters

We don’t really meet characters in my family (hence a strategically placed candy corn), but I loved looking at all of the costumes! You would think that after a year of being a Disney passholder that characters wouldn’t impress me, but these all have great makeup and are just as “in character” as anyone I saw in the land of the mouse.

Countdown to Halloween

Halloween Spooktacular Countdown to Halloween

After making it through the trail and Garden Party we headed off to the Sesame Street Countdown to Halloween show. This was taking place in the Seaport Theatre where Pet’s Ahoy usually performs. Now, all 3 of our kids are pretty much aged out of Sesame Street, but I wasn’t missing a holiday show! The 8 year old required a bit of bribing to even go in the theatre, but the promise of one of my Airheads did the trick.

We got their early and got seats right in the middle. There was some pre-show warm up from a non-costumed character and my daughter and I got into it. We sang. We danced. We did silly gestures. This show is perfect for everyone and as much as your preschooler loves it, so will your high schooler. I know this because there were 2 in from of us giddy and taking pictures the whole show.

Check out this video I got from the show!

Other Stuff

Since the Spooktacular Dance Party didn’t start until 5pm, we decided to get our ride time in. We took a trip to Antarctica with Puck the Penguin, my husband rode Manta, pet some dolphins, and went on the Turtle Trek. This is one of my favorite things about SeaWorld. There are SO MANY different experiences within the park that are included with the price of admission and the lines are so minuscule that all of this took maybe an hour.

Halloween Spooktacular Penguins

At this point we decided to bail on Journey to Atlantis and head back through the Trick or Treat trail. THIS was an excellent idea because many of the stations that were giving out a few pieces before, were giving out LARGE handfuls of candy. I feel like there is probably an allotment of candy to be passed out each day that they had to hit. Win.


The amount of candy we got at @seaworldorlando’s #HalloweenSpooktacular is INSANE!!

A photo posted by Anne Marie @ CCHCblog (@cchcblog) on

We danced our way out of the park since the Spooktacular Dance Party was by the entrance. There were costumed characters and people on stilts doing the YMCA. I took this opportunity to try and embarrass as much as possible since they HATE when I dance. I was successful.

Should YOU go to SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular?

That’s an easy one, yes! SeaWorld is so much less stress than many of the other Orlando area amusement parks. You don’t feel the pressure to hurry from attraction to attraction and you aren’t wasting a lot of time in line for the stuff you want to see. This is a great add on if your family is spending fall break in Florida. Their take on Halloween is much more whimsical and fun versus horror and crowds.


Do you see your family checking out Halloween Spooktacular in the future? Do you regularly go to any local events to celebrate fall? Have you ever visited Orlando when it isn’t summer? What would YOU do with this much candy? Let me know in the comments!

This post isn’t sponsored at all by SeaWorld…I just have opinions and I like to share them! If you or your business are interested in me reviewing your business let me know!

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  1. Janine Huldie

    Looked like so much fun and I hadn’t thought about doing this, because we are more Disney people here and would have loved to do their Halloween themed stuff at the parks, but will totally have to keep this in mind in the future now 🙂 #happynowlinkup

    • Anne Marie D

      I am more of a Disney person too, but their holiday stuff can be so expensive! This was a great alternative, or even addition, to a Halloween vacation!

  2. Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson

    As strange as it sounds, it has never even occurred to me to travel on Halloween, but knowing at least one family-oriented Halloween destination out there makes it more appealing! Can’t imagine that the crowds would be too out of control either. Thanks for making us aware of this!

    • Anne Marie D

      I actually never thought about a Halloween vacation until moving to Orlando. It is a great time to be here because the weather is cooler and all of the parks have an event…it’s also cheaper for hotels!

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