My Belly is NOT Happy!

This past week my father was in to visit. He is as far from Paleo as possible and I let him influence me. He isn’t really discouraging, but I was raised on pasta and ice cream 🙂 

Well let me tell you my body is not happy with the decisions that I made!! I am bloated and achy. I am sluggish and distracted. I am very much back on the Paleo express! 

Now don’t get me wrong…I loved every ounce of my ice cream. I could have bathed in the cheese on my cheese burger. It was nice to indulge, but I think small indulgences are better than week long binges! 

Now after a hearty breakfast of baked sweet potato and poached eggs I am ready to face the day…hmmmm I wonder what I should make for lunch 😉


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