The Pin It Party!!

During my de-stress time at work (aka my lunch break) I decided to look into Bloglovin’ to expand my blog knowledge and reading. I entered the few blogs that I already check out and I got some amazing suggestions!! The one that has stood out the most is Creative Geekery.

This blog just screams me!!

Creative √

Geek √

So I went and checked it out. Ellie is fantastic!! One of the main things that I found from her blog is the idea of Pintrest Parties.

The Pin It Party - Creative Geekery

The Pin It Party – Creative Geekery

These are parties where you can add some of your most pin-able blog posts to a large list to have some great exposure. (I added some of my favorites #StitchFixFriday, That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball, and Sunday Dinner During the Week)

Please go take a look at the great ideas that are posted and let me know which is your favorite. There are almost 90 right now and it is still open for 2 days!



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